I Jumped Over a Tree

We are in Wilkesboro, NC, right now doing an area-wide youth event in a great little theater at the local community college. Wilkesboro is a cool town with one of the best coffee shops we have ever been to while out on the road.

Last night we had some bad weather come through while we were starting the service. The band was just about to finish the next-to-last song when all of a sudden… darkness and silence filled the room. (Well… relative silence anyway since there were about 500 teenagers in the room.)

Apparently the stormy weather and 70 MPH winds knocked out the power for most of Wilkesboro. After getting everyone (mostly) under control Craig preached about “light” and then we dismissed everyone before the emergency lights ran out of battery power.

After the excitement at the Walker Center, we all headed over to a beautiful house by on a lake for a late-night dinner. On our way we came across a downed tree across the road. What do seven guys do when their path is blocked by a tree? Grunt a lot and then move the tree, of course.

Here is where the story gets fun for me. I had the privilege of being on the end furthest away from the roots (the pivot) so my end of the tree moved the most. As we approached the end of “the big move” the rest of the guys decided to toss the tree away from them and onto the ground. Apparently, I didn’t get the memo and so I ended up going with the tree. A quick somersaulty-flippy thing later and I was landing semi-face-first in the soft, cold mud.

I only wish someone had a video camera to catch the whole thing. Today I feel like a crash test dummy. I don’t think my body was meant to move like that. I’m sure there is a lesson to be learned here, but right now I have no idea what it is. Thoughts?