PRK Recovery Update

Well, it’s been three days since Rebekah had PRK surgery. Since the surgery she hasn’t been able to open her eyes for more than about 2 seconds. It’s not that they hurt too bad, she said that is was more like she had something in her eye and so it just forced her to keep it closed. I’ve been leading her around our apartment and trying to keep her from bumping into things (though she did happen to find the bathroom door with her forehead yesterday… I wasn’t leading that time so I take no blame).

This morning she woke up and opened her eyes without that sensation. She still can’t focus on anything when she opens them so she is keeping them shut most of the time. I’m sure the protective contact lenses in her eyes are to blame for the blurry vision (at least somewhat), so hopefully on Tuesday when those come out things will change dramatically.

She has been pretty light-sensative so we covered the windows with sheets, she has been covering her face with a washcloth any time the TV is on, and she hasn’t even seriously thought about going outside yet. Plus she gets to wear these hott shades.

Rebekah's PRK Shades

The hardest part of this recovery so far has been the timeframe. We did not go into this thinking we were giving up our lives for the next four days (and counting), but that is exactly what has happened. She cannot work at all. I can work some, but honestly she is my priority and so I am limited in what I can really do. (I’m glad we both have jobs that can allow for this somewhat abrupt absence.) After the first couple of days being stuck in the house I think she is going a little stir crazy. She has been able to knit, amazingly. I mean, I can’t even knit with my eyes open and she made this wash cloth with her eyes shut. Amazing.

Rebekah's PRK Washcloth

Anyway, I will keep everyone posted. Hopefully the recovery will move quicker from here. We are both definitely ready to get back to our normal life together.

UPDATE: You can read more about Rebekah’s recovery here: