Server Problems

WARNING: Geeky content ahead.

I’m really just writing this in case anyone else ever has this same problem and is searching for a result.

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but apparently my hosting company had some server issues yesterday resulting in my site (along with some others, I’m sure) being down most of the day. When they resolved got everything back up and running the text on my site was strangely larger than normal (causing some layout weirdness).

Of course, all of this happened while I was on the road without any internet access. So, when I finally got to our hotel for more than 5 minutes I investigated. It was as if one of my stylesheets was not loading at all, but the file existed on the server. I finally figured out that the file’s permissions had somehow been changed which caused it to not load properly.

Geeky, I know. I promise the next post will be something interesting.