Am I a blogger?

I am a bad blogger. I guess since I don’t really even blog regularly (yet!) I am not really a blogger at all. What makes someone a blogger anyway?

Is being called a “blogger” a matter of consistency? If I don’t blog at least once a day then I cannot call myself a blogger. Or maybe you don’t consider me a blogger unless I post on a regular schedule.

Is is a matter of quantity? As long as I put up a bunch of stuff whenever I decide to blog then I can blog however erratically I want. Or, as long as my posts are all long then that makes up for my lack of consistency (I know that one isn’t true).

Is is quality? What if I don’t say much, and I don’t say it often, but when I do post it is quality? Would that make me a blogger?

Is it just “owning” a blog? Do the posts even matter? I mean, I have a blog and I could blog whenever I want (even though I don’t).

What does make someone a blogger? Is it just a label? Is it a group that people try to belong to?

What makes someone a “Christian?” Is it just a label? Is it a consistent following of Christ? Is it about the quantity of “good” we have done? Is it just about attending a church or telling people you are a Christian? Is it doing or being?

If we have a good definition do we consistently follow it when looking at our own lives? What about when looking at others’ lives?