Another Recovery Update

Yesterday was a good day. She worked all day and seemed to get along pretty well. She could see her computer screen and was not too light sensitive. Her eyes still got dry quickly and would occasionally hit her with sharp pains. But overall the day gave us hope for a happy outcome.

Rebekah had the protective contacts removed this morning. The doctor said her corneas were pretty much 75% healed. Her eyes immediately felt scratchy and dry. Her vision is more blurry now than it was with the contacts, but the doctor said this would get better quickly. In a way it feels like a step backward, but I know that her eyes need to heal on their own now and I am positive it is only a matter of time before she feels “normal” again.

Our make-shift window coverings are now mostly removed and she isn’t sporting those “cool” sunglasses nearly as much. Hopefully this morning was the last time she would ever have contacts in her eyes.