Jon Foreman CDs

A lot of my friends have told me to buy the Jon Foreman CDs. For those that don’t know, Jon is the lead singer of Switchfoot. He also put out a series of three CDs (so far) titled after seasons – Fall, Winter and Spring. These are the CDs that I have put off buying until just the other day.


With Rebekah’s vision impaired temporarily we decided we should buy some new music. So, I finally picked up this set of CDs. Wow. They are very “chill” and very good. I definitely go through fazes with my taste in music and these CDs hit me at just the right time. They are full of beautiful music and (at least for me) they make great background music for working at a coffeeshop.

So, they officially have my endorsement… which means you should go buy them and enjoy them now.