MacHeist Retail Bundle

The MacHeist crew is at it again. This time they have put together a nice “retail bundle” of Mac applications for only $49. Some of these are apps that were in the last MacHeist bundle over Christmas, but (if things are setup the same) you can always “gift” a serial number when you register your bundle with MacHeist.

Although some people have questioned how bundles affect the software development community as a whole, and the MacHeist team has definitely used some questionable means of advertising, I still like the idea of being able to purchase a bunch of apps that I might not normally buy (or even know about) for an enticing price. If I like the apps then I will probably upgrade them in the future and even tell my friends about them. While the upgrade amount is definitely less than what a developer would have received from a regular purchase, these are apps that I probably would not have purchased under normal circumstances anyway. I don’t mean to diminish the other concerns that have been raised on this topic and I definitely think that people should support the developers of the software they like and use. But I also think that bundles such as these have a place in the software development universe.

So, go check out the MacHeist Retail Bundle and spread the word!