Goals and a quick laugh

I am researching a university for a possible event with Shaun and so I decide to visit the school’s website and this is what I am greeted with:


Apparently the image is randomly selected each time the page is loaded, so please feel free to refresh a few times until you get the “Goals” image.

Generally university websites have rotating pictures of people sitting in the grass reading textbooks (because that’s what college students do) or majestic buildings or atheletes, but not Huntington. They apparently want to stand out from the crowd. They will not conform to social norms of university website design.

When visiting the site I immediately pictured one of those inspirational posters that business folk always have hanging in their offices or bathrooms. I can just see a big picture of Frankenstein’s Monster with the word “Goals” under it and some cheesy blurb about setting your (transplanted) mind to something and achieving it… then the townfolk killing it?


Of course, once I read the full caption next to the image it all made sense. Anyway, thanks to Huntington University’s IT department for a little laugh today.