IE takes the lead


Well, it’s a bit of a sad day here on the blog. Ever since Shaun made encouraged me to start a blog I have become a bit of a stats junkie. By that I mean that every day (whether I post or not) I check all of the numbers of people who have visited my site, how they got here, etc. The numbers are all pretty low, but that doesn’t keep me from checking every day. It’s an addiction.

Well, one of the stats that I track is what browsers people use to view the site. From the beginning Firefox has had the lead over Internet Explorer (and Safari, Opera, etc.). That may not sound like a big deal, but across most of the internet Firefox generally gets up to 20% market share. No more. IE is very dominant. So, I have been kind of proud of the fact that most of the people who roll into my site use Firefox.

Until today. This morning’s stats revealed IE taking the lead by 2%. There is still hope for Firefox to come back, but I fear it’s a slippery slope from here. If only people knew what they were missing. And now, a moment of silence for Firefox’s lead…