Just a quick update

I hate those “I haven’t blogged” blog posts so I try to avoid them. So rather than stating the obvious I’ll just update you on life right now.

I just finished The EDGE Camp in Pigeon Forge, TN. We had a small crowd (which translates positively into “intimate” and negatively into “bankrupt”) but the week was really good all around. I always enjoy working with Wayne Kerr and Ed Newton as well as the rest of our crew. If you are looking for a worship leader who can also do some pretty fat-daddy design work, definitely give Wayne a call. As far as youth-oriented speakers go I think you just can’t really go wrong with Ed and Craig, either. You can check out The EDGE Camp slideshow on Flickr.

I got home on Friday after camp, did laundry, repacked, and then left for Kentucky early Saturday morning. This time Rebekah was with me because we are taking a quick weekend trip for a family wedding. Rebekah is also learning to sew this weekend with her mom. She’s just so crafty.

It’s always nice visiting family in KY but honestly, I just want to go home. I’ve got a few days at home next week to finish some web development projects and handle some booking/management work and then I leave again. My next trips are a quick two-day run with a friend of mine and then another summer camp with IM. Busy, busy, busy. One day I’ll slow down.

I have goals to start a series of posts about Mac applications. I think I have a bit of an app addiction so I definitely know some of the better and worse applications out there for OSX. If you have any requests for a certain type of application or even specific ones you like/dislike let me know. Hopefully those “lazy summer camp days” will give me the time I need to get this started.