My favorite Twitter clients for Mac

It seems today that Twitter has hit the mainstream. This means that there will be a lot more businesses using Twitter as a means to pimp themselves and there will be many more annoying people using Twitter to post every meal they eat and every thought they think.

However, this also means that the Twitter application market is much more attractive to developers. If more people are using the service then more people are interested in using applications to make their Twitter experience better. Let’s face it, Twitter’s web interface isn’t amazing. I’ve taken a few Twitter clients for Mac (and a couple for iPhone) for a spin and here are my favorites.

  1. Tweetie – Free with ads or $15-20 (also for iPhone)
  2. Twhirl – Free (requires Adobe AIR)
  3. Nambu – Free (also for iPhone)
  4. TweetDeck – Free (required Adobe AIR)
  5. Twitterific – Free with ads or $15 (also for iPhone)
  6. EventBox – $15-20

Things I look for:

  • Small footprint with a lot of power
  • Menubar icon or simple show/hide functionality
  • Keep feed window on last read tweet when new tweets arrive
  • Free option
  • iPhone version
  • Choices for URL shortening services and picture attachments
  • Be beautiful and functional

What’s your favorite Twitter client?