Some great free WordPress themes

It is so easy to give your blog a professional look these days by grabbing a well-made, free WordPress theme and tweaking it to your specific tastes. The biggest hurdle is filtering out all of the poorly-made themes that are floating around the interwebs to find the right one to start with.

There are tons of websites that offer free WP themes these days, but I have found that many of those themes lack features, flexibility, usability, or simple beauty that even beginning bloggers deserve. However, several design companies and individual designers who make premium (for-pay) themes offer certain themes completely free of charge. Usually these are older themes or simplified themes, but they are often higher quality than 80% of the other free themes you will find.

So without further adieu, here are a few of my recent favorite places to find free WordPress themes:

Do you have a favorite place for free WordPress themes?