dropbox iphone bring back simple view

I like to see how people end up here at my website. Most of the time the search terms people use to get here are pretty normal. However, sometimes they are kind of obscure. Today I saw a search term that landed someone on this post that was descriptive enough for me to guess the problem they were having that prompted their Google quest. I know because it’s a problem I have had as well.

The search term was “dropbox iphone bring back simple view” and I assume the problem was that they were surfing the Dropbox website on their iPhone and they switched from the iPhone-optimized view to Dropbox’s “standard view.” I love that so many sites give you this option because sometimes they strip out necessary features when designing an iPhone-optimized view. It is nice to be able to switch back-and-forth, except that in the case of Dropbox you can only go one direction. Once in the normal view there is no link to switch to the iPhone-optimized view.

Before I show you the solution on this one, let me say first that I submitted feedback to Dropbox about this after it happened to me and very quickly received a response saying:

Hello Ben,

I will pass your feedback about the iPhone issue long to the team.

We are always working on improving our service and adding new features and functionality so please keep using Dropbox and let us know if there are any other suggestions!

If there is anything else we can do to help just let us know!

David D

You have to respect a company with customer service like this. Now on to the solution. Simply point your mobile Safari window to the following URL: http://getdropbox.com/iphone

While it isn’t quite as good as a link back to the iphone version, it does do the trick and it’s super easy. Happy Dropboxing!