Business Class Email Hosting Breakdown

Back in 2012 when Google killed the free tier of Google Apps I posted about some alternatives. Now that more than a year has passed I thought I would survey the landscape of the services we currently recommend to our clients. First let me say that I never recommend hosting email the same place (or at least on the same server) as you host your website. Using a dedicated email hosting solution is worth its weight in gold… even if you use a free one.

Here are all of the options my company, Louder Media, would recommend. I do not like the Microsoft solutions unless you really need it to be in the Microsoft ecosystem for some reason. Google is still my personal favorite but the other options are good as well.

If money is a concern you can opt for the Zoho free service or the Namecheap $10/year service. I have not personally used either of them and there may be some drawbacks such as a less-than-stellar interface but both companies have been around for a long time which is a good sign.

I will only list basic price (as of this writing) and the occasional notable feature. The rest is up to you…

Google Apps

  • $5/address/month or $50/address/year


  • $10/address/year – “Private”
  • $29/address/year – “Business”


  • $2/address/month
  • $10/mo minimum so you get 5 addresses to start whether you use them or not.

Zoho (free and paid options)

  • Free option up to 5 addresses
  • $2.50/address/month

Microsoft (free and paid options)

  • Free option with ads and required logins to keep account “active”
  • $20/address/year without ads or account expiration
  • Not as easy to setup and manage custom domains… I’ve done it.

Microsoft Office 365

  • $5/address/month

Remember, email hosting is a service so you do kind of get what you pay for. One of the main benefits of using a dedicated email hosting solution is that you don’t have to switch everything when you decide to move your website hosting elsewhere. So you should pick an email hosting company you want to be in a long-term relationship with.

Need someone to setup email hosting on one of these services? Need a website or domain name settings audit? Contact Louder Media today and we will help you find the right solution for your needs and budget.

Where do you host your email and how do you like it?