Louder Media Launches New ShaunGroves.com

My company, Louder Media, just launched the brand new ShaunGroves.com. Shaun is a blogger, speaker, musician, and advocate for children living in poverty throughout the world. He has amazing insights into life, art, wealth, and more. We were happy to partner with Shaun in developing this new website.

As you will see when you visit, we pushed the envelope in many ways with his site. The front page aggregates content from his blog and social media while also incorporating internal ad spots and creative background images. In lieu of using “infinite scroll” on the front page we decided to create an AJAX “load more” button which repeats the grid indefinitely.

There are lots of other goodies including the Tour page with integrated map, full on-site e-commerce store, and more.

And, as always, it is fully responsive.

I hope to post several of the creative solutions we integrated on Shaun’s new site here in the coming weeks (months?) but for now head on over to the all new ShaunGroves.com, read a post, and leave a comment!