I am a creative professional living in Nashville, Tennessee.

As a co-founder and partner at Louder Agency I help business owners, personality brands, and organizations utilize the web to further their mission, grow their platform, and engage their audience.

My (Diverse) Background

I’ve always been a bit of a geek. At career day in high school the guest teacher took one look at me and said, “You work with computers, don’t you.” So much for subtlety.

I was the kid that my teachers would call to fix their computer issues. I used to print pages and pages of (dot matrix) fonts so I could learn about design. I even created a website for a local business in my hometown using GeoCities–or was it Tripod. Regardless, I am pretty sure it didn’t make it into the archive. And we’re all better off for that.

I earned a bachelor’s degree is in general music (voice) singing classical music, jazz, and opera. I have also been known to play trombone, perform musical theater, and lead worship music.

For almost a decade I toured doing live event production–audio, video, lighting. I have also served as a church administrative pastor, ministry assistant, conference director, and booking agent for a singer/songwriter.

I currently spend most of my time educating clients on how to build brands by utilizing the web to do amazing things… all while gulping down my body weight in espresso-based beverages.

Design & Web

I am a founding partner of a small digital marketing agency called Louder Agency. We help business owners and organization leaders utilize branding, marketing, design, and the web to accomplish great things. We love partnering with visionaries that see a world greater than themselves and their organization’s bottom line.

We believe that high-impact solutions are not reserved for mega-corporations. With the right team and a solid strategy, we can do great things together.